4 Best Wedding Poses for Video

Posing is one of those things that can completely ELEVATE your wedding photos and video. You may be a bit nervous if you haven’t spent much time in front of camera (and that’s ok!). If posing came naturally, everyone one would have these perfect model poses in EVERY photo…. And we know that just doesn’t happen haha. BUT good news is, I GOTCHU! After filming tons of weddings and working with a wide range of couples, I have a simple ‘game plan’ I can give you!

Below you’ll find my top 4 wedding poses for VIDEO. In all of these poses keep in mind 2 things.

  1. RELAX and HAVE FUN: We talk about this with our couples on wedding day a ton. It is OUR job to make you look your best, not yours. The more you can relax, be yourself, and let us direct & guide you the better your video will come out! :)

  2. MOTION: The biggest difference between posing for video vs. a photo is MOTION. In the cinematography world, motion is everything. We are basically capturing anywhere between 24-120 images per second! Instead of holding a static pose, we want to capture the motion of you getting into that pose & moving withIN the pose.

The ‘Tipsy’ Walk

For this pose:

-Bride and Groom walk like they’ve had a few glasses of celebratory champagne

-Eyes alternate between looking down at the ground, then back at each other

-Should feel like a casual “Stroll” as if groom is walking bride back to her car after their 1st date

-Smile and laugh at each other while doing this walk/pose!! Have fun!

The Flower Kiss

For this pose:

-Bride wraps her bouquet around her groom's neck

-Flowers are the focal point with the bride and groom slightly blurred out in the background

-Bride and Groom are queued to 'small talk' & laugh a little bit

-Camera moves in as bride and groom come into focus, optional go in for a kiss!

The Pull-in

For this pose:

-Bride Or Groom leans up against a fence post/tree/some type of wall

-Bride comes up to groom, grabs his lapels on his suit coat and pulls him in for a kiss

-Very "sexy" movie-style shot!

The Gaze

For this pose:

-Bride and groom face each other with foreheads really close/touching

-Groom holds his bride's hands and pulls them up for a kiss

-Gazing into each others eyes and telling each other your corniest of dad jokes

While there are MANY creative and fun wedding poses you can do that will look amazing in your wedding film, these are my TOP 4 that I always recommend! Let me know what you think and what YOUR favorite pose is for wedding videos! Email me at justin@redcreativefilms.com.

Happy posing!